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Câu hỏi môn Tiếng Anh lớp 6

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Trường THCS Thành Thới A                    THƯ VIỆN CÂU HỎI

    Môn Tiếng Anh lớp 6                            Unit 1: GREETINGS


         *.Objects: by the end of unit 1 (GREETINGS ), students are able to master :

  .- greet people

   - identify oneself

   - ask how people are

   - say goodbye

   - introduce oneself and others

   - say how old one is

   - say how old others are

   - count to twenty

Task 1: Odd one out( nhận biết)

1. a. hello                   b. thank you              c. hi

2. a. am                      b. is                           c. my

3.a..am                      b. say                         c.is

4.a. .twenty                b.eight                        c. name

5.a. .fine                    b. good                       c.night

6. a. .morning            b. afternoon                c.bye

7. a. afternoon           b. morning                 c.repeat

8.a. greet                    b.say                          c. ten

9.a. we                       b. my                          c. your

Task 2: Complete the sentences, using word cues.( thông hiểu)

1.     I / Lan

2.     My / name / Thu

Answer key:

Task 1:  1. b               2. c    3.b, 4.c, 5c, 6c, 7c, 8c, 9a

Task 2:  1. I am Lan.

2. My name is Thu.


Task 3: Complete the dialogue..( thông hiểu)

I’m fine, thanks                 hello, Hoa                     Bye


Hoa: Hi, Nga

Nga: (1) _______________

Hoa:  How are you?

Nga:  (2) _______________

Hoa:  Fine, thanks.

Nga: Goodbye

Hoa: (3) _______________

Task 4: Matching( nhận biết)

     A                                 B

1. Good                     a. fine

2. How are                 b. thanks

3. My name               c. you?

4. I’m                        d. bye

5. Fine                       e. is Ba

Answer key:

Task 3:

1. Hello, Hoa                  2. I’m fine, thanks. And you?             3. Bye

Task 4:

1. d    2. c    3. e    4. a    5. b


Task  5: Fill in the gaps with am, is or are.(thông hiểu)

1.     Hello, I _________ Ba.

2.     We _________ fine, thanks.

3.     How _________ you, Lan?

4.     My name _________ Peter.

5.     I _________ fine, thank you.

Answer key:

1. am           2. are           3. are           4. is             5. am


Task6 : Write the result in English.( vận dụng)

1.     (one + two) x three = ________

2.     twenty – fifteen = ________

3.     (nineteen – sixteen) x four = ________

4.     six : two =      ________

5.     five x four =    ________

6.     twelve: two = ________               

7.     twenty-ten = ________

Answer key:

          1. nine                  2. five           3. twelve     4. three        5. Twenty  6. Six    7. ten

Task7: Choose the most suitable words or phrases to fill the blanks. ( thông hiểu)

1.     We are fine, ________.

a. thanks you                  b. thank you          c. thank      

2. Hello, Lan. How old ________.

     a. you                   b. you are              c. are you                      

3. I am ________ years old..

     a. fifteen               b. fine                   c. fiveteen

4. Good morning, Chi. This ________ Tam..

     a. are                    b. is                      c. am

5. ________. I’m twelve.

     a. How are you?    b. And you?          c. How old are you

6.My name…………Ba.

   a. is                          b. is                           C. are

Answer key:

  1. b             2. c              3. a              4. b                       5. c             6.a

Task 8: Complete the sentences, using word cues.(thông hiểu)

1.     is / this / Mai

2.     you / are / how?

3.     thanks / fine / are / we

4.     old / you / how / are?

5.     twenty / old / am / I / years

Answer key:

Task 1:

1. afternoon     2. night       3. ten           4. sixteen    5. goodbye

Task 2:

1.     This is Mai.

2.     How are you?

3.     We are fine, thanks.

4.     How old are you?

5.     I am twenty years old.

                                                               Unit 2: AT SCHOOL

*.Object: by the end of unit 2( AT SCHOOL ), students are able to master :

   - give obey orders

   - ask for and give personal information

   - identify oneself and others

   - identify places , people and objects

1. Complete the sentences ( nhận biết)

Down   in          your book                    your book


1. come in

2. sit down

3. stand up

4. close your book

5. open your book

2. Complete the sentences, using my, your, I, you (nhận biết)

1. My name is Long

2. Where do you live?

3. How old are you?

4. What is your name?

5. I am ten years old.

6. She is ten

7. I live on Tran Phu Street

3. Answer about you( vận dụng)

1. What is your name?

2. How are you?

3. How old are you?

4. Where do you live?

5. How do you spell your name?

6.How do you spell Linda?


4.Complete the sentences( thông hiểu)

 eleven                on         is                       fine                 are  name   your


Mai: Hello. My name is Mai. What is your name?

Ba: My name is Ba

Mai: How old are you?

Ba: I am eleven years old. And you?

Mai: Fine, thanks

Ba: Where do you live?

Mai: I live on Le Loi Street


5.Fill in the blank with a/ an( thông hiểu)

1. an eraser

2. an apple

3.a table

4.a ruler

5.a window.

* Make questions and answer with “What”

1. this/ book

-> What is this?

It’s a book

2. this/chair

-> What is this?

It is a chair

3. that/ house

-> What is that?

It’s a house

4. This/lamp

-> What is this?

It is a lamp

5. this/ eraser

-> What is this?

It’s an eraser

       6.that/ a pen

-> What is that?

It’s a pen

                                                            Unit 3: AT HOME

* Objects: by the end of unit 3( AT HOME ), students are able to master :

  - identify places and objects

  - give personal information

  - identify people

  - ask fof and give numbers

  - describe the family

I. Answer about you (vận dụng)

1. What’s your name?

2.How old are you?

3.How many people are there in your family?

4.How old is your brother?

5.How old is your sister?

6.How old is your father?

8. How old is your mother?

9.How many students are there in your class?

10.What does your father do?

2. Change the sentences in to plural ( thông hiểu)

1. What is that?

-> What are those?

2.This is a couch

-> These are couches

3. It’s my pens

-> They are my pens.

4.That is a stool.

->Those are stools.

5.This is an eraser.

-> These are erasers

         6.It’s aeraser

     ->They are erasers


3. Make questions and answer with “What”

1. this/ book

-> What is this?

It’s a book

2. these/chairs

-> What are these?

They are chairschair

3. that/ house

-> What is that?

It’s a house

4. Those/lamps

-> What are those?

They are lamps

4. Circle the best answer A, B, C or D( thông hiểu)

1.There …….a book on thr table

      A.are                           B.is                             C. have                       D.has

2……..are students

      A.They                       B.He                           C.She                          D.I

3………are my books.

      A.This                        B. There                     C. These                     D.That

4.How many ……are there?

      A.ruler                        B.a ruler                     C.rulers                      D.the ruler

5.How many students are………in your class?

      A. these                      B.those                       C.they                         D.there

6.He is  ……….doctor.

A. the                               B.the                           C.an                            D.a

7.What……….he do?

A.  does                           B.do                            C.is                             D.are

8…………is that? That is my father.

A.  Who                           B.where                      C.How                        D.when

9.They are…………..

A.  a pen                          B.pencils                    C.pencil                     D.ruler

10.I live…….Hanoi

A.  on                               B.in                             C.at                             D.of

5. Odd one out( thông hiểu)

1.   A. mother                  B. father                     C. teacher                  D.brother

2.   A.engineer                 B.sister                       C.nurse                       D. doctor      

3.   A. table                      B.desk                        C.chair                       D.book

4.   A.lamp                       B.bench                      C.couch                      D.armchair

5.   A.my                           B.me                           D.his                           D. her

6.Circle A, B, C or D( Thông hiểu)

1. I………Nga

      A. is                            B. are                          C. be                           D.am

2……..is your name?

A.                                        What                           B.Who                        C. How           D.When

3. My mother………a teacher

      A. is                            B. be                           C. be                           D.am

4. Come……..

      A. up                          B.down                       C.in                             D.on

5. How many ………are there?

      A.book                       B.books                      C. a book                   D.the book




1.      Ten

2.      Twenty

3.      Twenty –one

4.      Eleven

5.      Two

6.      Three

7.      Twenty- six

8.      Thirty

9.      Forty

10. Sixty

11. Fifty

12. Sixty-two

13. Seventy

14. One

15. 16.four

16. Twelve

17. Eighty

18. Ninety

19. One-hundred

20. seven











j. 1












                                                  Unit 4: BIG OR SMALL?

Object: by the end of unit 4 ( BIG OR SMALL ? ), students are able to master :

   - describe location and size of school

   - describe location of objects

   - identify possession

   - spell words

   - describe every day activities

   - ask for and say the time

1. Complete the sentences:( vận dụng)

1. Thu’s school/ small.

->Thu’s school is small.

2. your school / big?

->Is your school big?

3. Where/ your/ school?

-> Where is your school?

4. This/ Lan.

->This is Lan.

5. My school/ the city.

->My school is in the City.

6.she/ get/ six

->she gets up at six

7.He/ wash/ face.

-> She washes his face.

8. Ba / go/ school.

-> Ba goes to school.

2. Answer about you:( vận dụng)

1. Where is your school?

2. Is your school big?

3. How many students are there in your class?

4. How many classrooms are there?

5. How many teacher are there?

6.What time do you get up?

7.What time do you have breakfast?

8.What time do you go to school?

*Students’ answers

3. Odd one out ( thông hiểu)

            1.A. small      B. big              C. fine            D. student

            2.A. grade      B. class          C. city            D. school

            3.A. get          B. country     C. wash          D. go

            4.A. teeth       B. breakfast   C. face            D. brush

            5.A. third       B. twelve       C. eleven       D. nine

            6.A. seven     B. twenty      C.seventh      D. seventeen

            7. A.engineer  B. hundred   C.student      D.teacher

            8A.watch     B.bookshelf    C. armchair   D. television

            9.A.go             B. wash            C.brush            D. breakfast

            10.A.in            B. at                 C. up               D. go      

             11.A. first       B. second          C. third          D. one

4. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently: ( thông hiểu)

            1.A face         B. small          C. grade         D. late

            2.A. hundred B. get              C. every         D. desk

            3.A big           B. city            C. morning    D. time

            4.A brush       B. up              C. nurse         D. number

            5. A. stool      B.school         C. floor          D. afternoon

5. Choose the word or phrase that best complete each sentence:( thông hiểu)

1. My classroom is on the ………floor

            A.one              B. two             C.  first           D. three

2.Hoa………school is big

            A.’s                 B. is                C. are              D.be

3……….grade are you in?

            A.Where        B When          C. How           D.Which

4.He is in ………….

            A.grade six    B. six grade   C.six               D. sixth grade

5. How many floors……..your school have?

            A.are               B. is                C. do               D.does

6. Where is your classroom? It’s ………the second floor.

            A.in                 B. on               C at                 D. of

7. ………..do you go to school? At half past six.

            A.Which        B.What time  C. What          D.How

8.Ba …….lunch at twelve o’clock.

            A. has             B. have           C. eat              D. to have

9. Ba ……….his face every day.

            A. wash          B to wash       C. washs        D washes

10.He……..to school every day.

            A. go               B. goes           C. to go          D. gos

11. Lan……….up at six o’clock every day.

            A. gets            B.get               C. getes          D. to get

12.What time is it? It’s……….

            A. ten fifteen             B.ten fifteenth           C.ten and fifteen       D.fifteen ten

13.Her house is ………the city.

            A. in               B. on               C. at                D. of  

14. We are late ……..school.

            A. at                B. in                C. at                D. for

15.It has ……foor.

            A. two            B. second       C. third           D.fourth.

16.She goes to school at…………..

    A. seven o’clock  B. seven fifty o’clock  C. third      D.fourth.

                                                         Unit 5: THINGS I DO

I. Odd one out:(nhận biết)

*Mục tiêu: Giúp học sinh nhận ra từ khác nhóm:

*Câu hỏi:

1.            A  Math        B. History      C. timetable   D. Literature

2.            A.badminton             B. soccer                  C.volleyball              D.housework

3.            A.Friday                     B.today                     C.Tuesday                 D. Monday

4.            A.homework             B. do                         C.watch                      D.listen

5.            A. dinner                   B.shower                  C.breakfast                D. lunch


1C, 2D, 3D, 4A, 5B

II. Write the question Yes, no(Thông hiểu)

*Mục tiêu: Giúp học sinh viết được câu hỏi của thì quá khứ đơn của động từ thường.

1.Ba/ play soccer

2. Thuy/ watch TV

3.they/ go to school.

4.Hoa/ get up early.

5.Nga and Thuy/ listen to music.


1. Does Ba play soccer?

2.Do they go to school?

3. Do they go to school?

4. Does Hoa get up early?

III.Write the question with What( thông hiểu)

*Mục tiêu: Giúp học sinh  viết được câu hỏi với Wh- Questions của thì hiện tại đơn của động từ thường.

1.he/ every day

2.you/ after school?

3.they/ every evening.

4.Lan and Mai/ every morning.


1.What does he do every day?

2.What do you do after school?

3.What do they do every evening>

4.What do Lan and Mai do every morning?

5.Does Nga and Thuy listen to music?

IV: Answer about you( thông hiểu)

*Mục tiêu: Giúp học sinh trả lời được câu hỏi về bản thân mình ở thì hiện tại đơn của động từ thường

1.What do you do every day?

2.What do you do after school?

3.Do you play soccer?

4.What time do you get up?

5. When do you have English?

6.When do you have Math?

7.Do you help your mom?

8.Which classes do you have on Friday?

9.What time do classes end?

Students’ answers

V. Put the verbs in brackets in the correct tense(thông hiểu)

*Mục tiêu: giúp học sinh chia được độngtừ trong ngoặc ở thì hiện tại đơn của động từ thường

1.My sister ( watch)………….TV every day.

2.Nam and Nga (be)   ……. in grade six.

3.Lan ( do) ………… her homework after dinner.

4.Tuan and Ba ( play) ………… soccer after school.

5.She ( have)……….breakfast at half past six.

6.I ( go) ………. to school at six thirty every day

7.Mai (get) ………. up at six o’clock.

8.She ( listen) ……….. to music every day.

9.Lan ( do) ………..the housework every day.

10.She ( eat) ………. breakfast at  six o’clock.

11.They ( have)……… breakfast.

12.My mother ( get) ……… up at six.

13. …….. you( play)  ………. sports?


1. watch

2. are









11. have


13.do, play

VI: Fill in the blank with an appropriate preposition( nhận biết)

*Mục tiêu: Giúp học sinh điền được giới từ

In    on at  to for to


1.I have Geography ……..Tuesday.

2. He get up  early ………. the morning.

3. We have breakfast……….. six o’clock.

4.Lan listen ……….music on Sunday morning.

5.I am late ………. school.







V. Circle the best answer A, B, C, D ( nhận biết)

*Mục tiêu: Giúp học sinh khoanh tròn được câu trả lời đúng nhất của thì hiện tại đơn và giới từ:

1. He ……breakfast

                   A. have                  B. has                        C. get                          D. gets

2.I have breakfast ……….six thirty.

                   A.in                        B. at                          C. on                           D.of

3.He ………..his face every day.

                   A.wash                   B. washes                 C.to wash                   D. washing

4.She lives ………….the City.

                   A. in                       B. on                         C. at                            D. of

5.It has………..floors.

                   A.two                     B.second                  C.third                        D.first

6. He ………his teeth every day.

                   A. brush                 B. brushes                C. to brush                 D. brushing

7. I listen ………..music.

                   A. at                       B.for                          C. to                            D.for

8. Do………play games?

                   A. children            B.girl                         C.boy                          D.student

9………does she do after school?

                   A.When                 B.Who                      C.How                        D.What

10. Nga………..get up early at six in the morning.

                   A.don’t                  B.doesn’t                  C.not                           D. isn’t

11.I get up ………six.

                A. at                        B. in                          C. on                           D. of

12…………time does he have lunch.

                          A.where           B. Who                     C. what                       D.when

13.She ………her face every day.

                          A.wash             B.to wash                 C.washs                      D. washes


1B, 2A, 3B, 4A, 5.A, 6B,7C,8A,9D,10B,11A, 12C, 13D

                                                      Unit 6: PLACES

I. Odd one out:(nhận biết)

*Mục tiêu: Giúp học sinh nhận ra từ khác nhóm:

1.            A  lake                       B. river                     C. factory                  D. well

2.            A.near                        B. opposite              C.between                  D.temple

3.            A.tree                         B.restaurant             C.park                        D. flower

4.            A.store                       B. museum               C.friend                      D.hospital

5.            A. beautiful               B.bakery                   C.drugstore                D. bookstore

6.            A. tree                        B. in                          C. on                           D. at

7.            A. house                    B. hotel                     C. school                   D. yard

8.            A. brother                  B. sister                    C. teacher                  D. mother

9.            A. river                      B. museum               C. restaurant             D. hospital

10.          A. bookstore             B. park                      C. bakery                   D. drugstore

11.          A.opposite                 B.behind                   C.between                  D.flower

12.          A.tree                         B.live                        C. work                      D. have

13.          A. river                      B. lake                      C. friend                    D. park

14.          A. beatiful                 B. museum               C. stadium                 D. temple


1C, 2D, 3D, 4C,5A,6A,7D,8C,9A,10B,11D, 12A,13C,14A

II. Make question for the underlined part in each of the following sentences(vận dụng)

*Mục tiêu: dưới: Giúp học sinh viết được câu hỏi ở cụm từ được gạch dưới:

1.The  drugstore is next to the bookstore.

2.Minh lives in the city with his family.

3.Minh’ father works in a hospital.

4. Minh’s father is a doctor.

5. I like white shirt.

6.That car is my father’s.

7.There are ten books in the bag.


1.Where is the drugstore?                       

2. Who does Minh live with?

3.Where does Minh’ father works?

4.What does Minh’s father do?

5. Which shirt do you like?

6.Whose is that car?

7.How many books are there in the bag?

III. Circle the correct option A, B, C or D (nhận biết + thông hiểu)

*Mục tiêu: Giúp học khoanh tròn vào câu trả lời đúng nhất:

1. There is a park near our house. ……part is beautiful.

                   A. An                     B. A                           C. these                      D. those

2. Is there a tall tree ……….front………me.

                   A.in-at                    B. on -of                   C. in -of                     D.in-at

3. There is many people………..the bookstore.

                   A.on                       B. to                          C.between                  D. in

4.She lives ………….the Country.

                   A. in                       B. on                         C. at                            D. of

5. Mary and Jane………..long hair.

                   A.have                   B.has                         C.are having              D.doesn’t have

6.My house  is next ………his teeth every day.

                   A. in                       B. to                          C. at                            D. of

7.Is there a temple  ………..the sreet?

                   A. at                       B.for                          C. on                           D.for

8.I’d like to buy some aspirins. Where is the………?

                   A. drugstore          B.bookstore             C.bakery                    D.toystore

9. There are many…… in the toystore.

                   A.childs                 B.child                      C.chidrens                 D.chidren

10.Nga………..get up early at six in the morning.

                 A.beautifully     B.beautiful               C.beauty                    D. beautify

11.The well is ………….of the house.

                    A. the left            B. in the left             C. to the left              D. at the left

12.A worker works in a ………..

                    A. hospital           B. museum               C. factory                  D.school

13. Their house ………a yard.

                    A. have                B. is                           C.to have                   D. has

14.I …….. in a small house in the city.

                    A.go                      B. live                       C. have                       D. has


1B, 2C, 3D, 4A, 5A, 6B, 7C, 8A, 9D, 10B, 11C, 13D, 14B

II. Complete the passage ( thông hiểu)

*Mục tiêu: Giúp học sinh hiểu đoạn văn và điền từ thích hợp vào chỗ trống

Hello, My name (1) …….. Lan.. I am twelve(2) ……… old. Iam a student. I (3) ……… a brother , Nam. He is( 4) ………… engineer. He is twenty seven. We live (5) ……….a house  (6) ………a lake. Our house    (7) …….. a yard. Our house is not big. It’s small.


1. is, 2. years, 3. have, 4. an, 5. In, 6. near,  7. has

                                                           Unit 7: YOUR HOUSE

I.Odd one out:(nhận biết)

*Mục tiêu: Giúp học sinh nhận ra từ khác nhóm:

1.            A  big                         B. small                    C. old                         D. well

2.            A.flower                     B. lake                      C.tree                          D.garden

3.            A.town                       B.city                        C.country                   D. house

4.            A.travel                      B. bike                      C.bus                          D.car

5.            A. get                          B.leave                     C.school                     D. start

6.            A. car                         B. train                     C. bus                         D. park

7.            A. tree                        B. flower                  C. bank                      D. vegetables

8.            A. hospital                 B. paddy field          C. police station       D. supermarket

9.            A. river                      B. big                        C. small                      D. beautiful

10.          A.travel                      B. go                         C. cross                      D. noisy

11.          A. go                         B. travel`                 C.walk                        D.live

12.          A.past                         B. school                  C.class                        D. grade

13.          A.apartment              B. noisy                    C. room                      D. town

14.          A.start                        B. end                       C. finish                     D.by


1D, 2B, 3A, 4C, 5D, 6D, 7C,8B,9A, 10D,11D,12A, 13B, 14D             

II. Circle the correct option A, B, C or D (thông hiểu )

*Mục tiêu: Giúp học sinh khoanh tròn từ đúng nhất:

1. I go to school. ……bike.

                   A. of                       B. for                        C. with                       D. by

2. How………….to work?

                   A.he travel            B. he travels            C. does he travel       D.do he travels

3. He lives ……….an apartment.

                   A.to                        B. at                          C.on                            D. in

4. She lives in the country. It’s very ……….. there

                   A. quiet                  B. small                    C. big                          D. old

5. There………trees and flowers  in the park.

                   A.have                   B.has                         C.are                           D.be

6. Are there any ……..near your house?

                   A. flower               B. trees                     C. mountain              D. lake

7. He …………by train?

                   A. travel                B.to travel                C. travels                   D.traveling

8………..there a river near your house?

                   A. is                        B.are                         C.am                           D.be

9. ………..he walk to school?

                   A.do                       B.is                            C.are                           D.Does

10. Ba……….. up early at six in the morning.

                 A.get                   B.gets                        C.to get                      D. getting

11. He ………travel by train.

                    A. not                   B. isn’t                      C. doesn’t                  D. does


12. What time ………..classes start?

                    A. is                      B. are                        C. do                           D.be

13. My sister ……….. to school every day.

                    A. go                     B. to go                     C.gos                          D. goes

14.She …….. in a small house in the city.

                    A.go                      B. lives                     C. have                       D. has


1B, 2C, 3D, 4A, 5C, 6B, 7C, 8A, 9D, 10B, 11C, 12C, 13D, 14B

III. Answer about you:( vận dụng)

*Mục tiêu: Giúp học sinh trả lời được thông tin về bản thân:

1.How do you go to school?

2.What time do you get up?

3. What time do you go to school?

5. What time do your classes start?

6. What time do your classes end?

7.Does he go to school by car?



IV: Complete the sentences: ( thông hiểu)

*Mục tiêu: Giúp học sinh sắp lại lại thành câu hoàn chỉnh:

1.She/ to/ goes/ at/ six/ school.

2.Lien/ by/ car/ goes/school/ to/.

3.I/ school/ walk/to/.

4.live/ does/ he/country/in/the?

5.noisy/ it/here/is.

6./a/ yard/ is/ there/the/ house/of/in/front/ the.

7.there/ are/trees/any?


1.She goes to school at six.

2.Lien goes to school by car.

3.I walk to school.

4.Does he live in he country?

5.It is noisy here.

6. There is a yard in front of the house.

7. Are there any trees?

                                                      Unit 8: OUT AND ABOUT

I.Odd one out:(nhận biết)

*Mục tiêu: Giúp học sinh nhận ra từ khác nhóm:

1.            A  play                       B. ride                       C. drive                      D. bike

2.            A.doctor                     B. hospital               C.teacher                   D.businessman

3.            A.morning                 B.farm                       C. market                   D. eat

4.            A.slow                        B. homework           C.worker                    D.Math

5.            A. eat                          B.watch                    C.music                      D. listen

6.            A. school                   B. class                     C. homework            D. television

7.            A. plane                     B. car                        C.drive                       D. bike

8.            A. hospital                 B. paddy field          C. police station       D. supermarket

9.            A. want                      B. when                    C.what                        D. who

10.          A.travel                      B. go                         C. play                       D. driver


1 D, 2B, 3A, 4C, 5C, 6D, 7C, 8B, 9A, 10 D

II.Choose the word that has the underlined park pronounced differently( nhận biết)

*Mục tiêu: Giúp học sinh nhận ra từ khác nhóm:

1.      A. vegetable                 B. lake                      C. tall                         D. plane

2.      A. restaurant                B. river                     C. well                        D. left

3.      A. office                       B.behind                   C.clinic                      D.picture

4.      A.sit                               B.five                        C.window                  D. morning


1.C, 2B,3B,4B

III. Circle the correct option A, B, C or D (thông hiểu )

*Mục tiêu: Giúp học khoanh tròn vào câu trả lời đúng nhất:

1. I . ……lunch now.

                   A. has                     B. have                     C. having                   D. am having

2. What………….?

                   A.they doing         B. they are doing     C. are they doing      D.do they doing

3. Ba and I  ……….for a bus.

                   A.arewait               B. is waiting             C.am waiting             D. are waiting

4…………….he driving his car?

                   A. Is                        B. Do                        C. Does                      D. Am

5. We………our homework now.

                   A.do                       B.doing                     C.are doing                D.to do

6. She………….to school every day.

                   A. go                      B. goes                      C. going                     D. gos

7. Is your mother …………TV now?

                   A. watchs              B.watches                 C. watching               D.watch

8. The sigh says “NO SMOKING”. You…….smoke.

                   A. mustn’t             B.do                          C.can                          D.can’t

9. The traffice light is green. You …….go straight ahead.

                   A.can’t                   B,mustn’t                 C.are                           D.can

10. “STOP” is a …………..

                 A.traffice            B.road sign               C.road                        D. sign

11. There is a traffice light at the……………...

                    A. road sign         B. bus stop               C. intersection          D. road

12. She ………….TV at the moment.

                    A. am watching  B. are watching       C. is watching           D.watch

13. My sister ……….. volleyball  now.

                    A. plays               B. playing                C.play                         D. is playing

14. She …….. in a small house in the city.

                    A.go                      B. lives                     C. have       &nbs

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