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Head First Android Development.(Oreilly - 2012)

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1 Your first app: Meet Android 1
2 Give your app an action: Adding behavior 41
3 Pictures from space: Work with feeds 79
4 When things take time: Long-running processes 123
5 Run your app everywhere: Multiple-device support
6 Tablets are not just big phones: Optimizing for tablets
7 Building a list-based app: Lists and adapters 167
8 Navigation in Android: Multi-screen apps 205
9 Database persistence: Store your stuff with SQLite 265
10 RelativeLayout: It’s all relative 313
11 Give your app some polish: Tweaking your UI 345
12 Make the most of what you can use: Content proficers 393

Link sách: Head First Android Development.(Oreilly - 2012)

Nội dung bài viết

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